Tips to make your music videos famous on YouTube

Do you have your music production house? Do you want to make your videos famous on YouTube? Here are some tips you can use to make your video famous on YouTube and increase the views to your videos.

Use analytics

music production 2YouTube has a special feature for singers: YouTube for artists. You can use this feature to analyze the popularity of your videos among your audience. You can analyze which video is famous among audience and which is not. So that you can tailor those videos and make it acceptable by the audience. Using this feature, you can understand what your audience wants from you. So that you can save your time by not spending time on those videos, that audience do not want.

Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel

Subscribing them to your channel will be beneficial for both of you. They will get the update if you will upload any new video and they will become a regular visitor to your videos. They will stay connected to your music production house.

Create playlist

Creating the playlist of your songs will help you in driving your audience from one video to other. If you have a new visitor to your song, it will help to drive him to other songs also. Your other songs will also become famous.

Use annotations

This feature will help you to take your viewers to your website, channel or other videos.

Use social media

Use Facebook, Google+ and other social media websites to share your YouTube Videos. This can bring many new visitors to your YouTube channel.

Many people upload their videos on YouTube but it is very difficult to become popular on YouTube. For facing this tough competition, you want some tips from experts. These are the tips you should follow to increase the views to your videos.